Kastamonu Plastik was established in 1980 in Istanbul. Our company started its commercial life in the packaging sector, and then continued in the kitchen-bathroom goods, household goods and garden furniture categories.


First export

As Kastamonu Plastik, we made our first export to Spain with the brand Violet House which we had just released in 1990.


We have increased our capacity

Established in 1980 in the packaging industry, our company, we need to increase our production capacity due to the increasing demand and export. Therefore, by increasing our capacity in 1995, we continued to produce better quality products for our customers. In this way, we have expanded our export volume.


Export to 40 Countries

In 1990 we exported our first seeds and in 2010 we reached an export volume of 40 countries. After exporting to 40 countries, the target is to become a "World Brand".


International Fairs

International Fairs Year 2012 and During this period, two important events took place for us. Firstly, our growth in the packaging sector continues and accordingly, our Beylikdüzü Packaging Factory was established. Our 6000m2 factory in Beylikdüzü has given a breath to the packaging sector. Secondly, it is time for our brand, which is an international brand, to participate in international fairs. For this reason, in 2012, we started to participate in International Fairs for the first time.


Production Facility

In 2014, our 5000m2 production facility started operations in Avcılar. So; Our production and storage capacity has almost tripled.


First Rewards

Two important events took place in this period. The first of these was opened in our Silivri factory. Thanks to this factory, we have a 30.000m² production facility and a staff increase of 250 people. Thus, a higher quality production line was formed. During this period, our brand, which has progressed towards becoming a World Brand, has won its first award. Received the Export Award in the Packaging Industry.


First Prize

Year 2016 continued to grow our brand had set the goal, the last stop is to become a World Brand. Our team, which works hard in this direction, won another award. First prize in export of Disposable Packaging Sector.


Export Prize

In 2017, our brand continues to win export awards. Exports of Household and Kitchenware Made of Plastic organized by İKMİB won the 4th prize.


Second Prize

The year 2018 and our brand continued to win awards in this period. Our team, which strives for success, added value to our brand and as a result of this, İKMİB organized the Export of Plastic Household and Kitchenware won the 2nd prize. During this period, new facilities were required for our growing brand and for the first time our overseas production facility was established and Kosovo Factory was opened. Thus, the production network expanded for our growing brand.


Export to 90 Countries

Our brand, which progresses confidently in line with our target, has become a brand that exports to 90 countries in 2019. We continue to progress confidently on this path that we started in 1980 with the aim of becoming a World Brand. Target All World ...


Our Goals

Our targets for the year 2020 are as follows; Our goal of a global brand is continuing and therefore we aim to expand our export network. To be the world's leading company in the plastic kitchenware industry is our most important goal.